Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Paintbrush Skirt with Anita

My sister Anita has recently become one of the first owners of our Paintbrush Skirt. She has a background in finance and banking, has an adorable one year old son and lives in London - a completely different lifestyle to myself. So I was keen to see from her how she would wear and incorporate the Paintbrush Skirt into her existing closet - I asked her to share a few snaps.

Anita: The thing which attracted me to the skirt is the colour and has a colour which is really vibrant and allows me to add some colour to my normal black, navy blue and white staple wardrobe. I think the gold zip is a good touch to the skirt as well as the peach lining inside, they both gave the skirt a special touch.  The skirt is also really good cut and very flattering! In terms of styling, I think it can be worn to work at the office, to a party or just out and about on the weekend


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