Sunday, 2 February 2014

Style Inspiration - Jessica Finch

NAME: Jessica Finch
HOMETOWN: Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia
CURRENTLY LIVING: Melbourne, Australia
OCCUPATION: Visual Merchandiser

Finchy and I first met briefly through some mutual friends during our first year at uni. We cemented our friendship later when our pathes crossed while waiting for an art history lecture, we chatted and munched on chocolate covered coffee beans and we've never looked back. I've always admired Finchy's ability to pair simple basics with cute design features - she has a natural flair for choosing beautiful, unique accessories and wears bold colours and prints with aplomb. Finchy's style is distinctively cute and fun, but has an air of elegance about it. When we were choosing pieces to produce in Senegal, she served as a great inspiration as she embodies the look we aimed to recreate - elegant, casual and fun.

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