Sunday, 20 December 2015

Interview with Carlie Ballard

Welcome to the first interview in our "ethical" fashion series. Today, we speak to Carlie Ballard -  a sustainable fashion advocate and also the curator of online store Indigo Bazaar. 

1. In 2012, you started Indigo Bazaar – an online store which sources and sells ethical clothes made in Australia and around the world. How did the idea for Indigo Bazaar come about?
I have always loved fashion and was also looking for something that had more depth, something I could resonate with. So it was while I was trekking in the Nepal Himalaya where I was immersed in the culture of this magical place and interacting with the locals where the idea to leap into ethical and sustainable fashion began. I could see combining my two passions of fashion and cultures could actually be an amazing business opportunity but also something that would empower people in the developing world and be better for the planet too.