Friday, 15 January 2016

Madame Tây at The Garden, Dakar

We're excited to share these photos of our new garments with you! 

When Cara was in Dakar last year overseeing production, she gathered together some friends to take snaps of our clothes with the help of photographer and Dakar native Malick Welli.

 A big thank you to Becky Hughes, Dulcie Abrahams Altass, Sarah Sagan and Seynabou Sarr for being such willing models and of course to Malick for the photos. 

A special thanks also to our friends at The Garden - Andrew, David, Dulcie and Josh. The Garden was once a rundown house in the bustling neighbourhood of Ouakam in Dakar, and is now home to a flourishing garden full of bougainvillea and hanging vines and we were lucky enough to use their beautiful space as our setting.

These photos feature our Bogolan Skirt (above) as well as dresses, a skirt, and tops in various wax prints.